Selasa, 15 Maret 2011

Hotel Pondok Sari 2 Tawangmangu
Your Satisfaction is Our Happiness

Terletak di kaki gunung Lawu yang berketinggian 3.265meter dari permukaan laut, dengan hawa pegunungan yang sejuk, Pondok Sari 2 Hotel & Restoran, satu-satunya hotel bintang 2 di kawasan wisata Tawangmangu, memberikan berbagai fasilitas dan kenyamanan kepada Anda yang mendambakan suasana sejuk dan indahnya alam pegunungan.

Gunung Lawu (3.265m)

Gunung lawu is the sixth highest mountain in Java and easily climbed and descended in a day as Java Lava have done many times in the past. The paths are smooth and wide with no exceptionally steep parts as befitting a mountain that sees thousands of pilgrims ascend her during the Javanese holy months. The mountain has a vast impressive plateau area at an altitude of over 3,000m with the ruins of ancient temple complexes scattered about. In the past we have had no time to explore this area so on this trip we will camp somewhere on the plateau and spend the rest of Saturday exploring and perhaps a quick visit to the summit to check the evening views. Sunday we will arise early in time to visit the summit for the sunrise and hopefully spectacular Javanese panorama spread out beneath us. There are several water sources on this plateau area so we do not have to pack up too much water.